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November Is National Adoption Month

There are more than 50,000 children with disabilities waiting for adoption and a very real need for individuals who are open to adopting. The National Adoption Center estimates that up to 134,000 children waiting for a family through adoption have a disability.

November being national adoption month inspired us to share our first excerpt from our book Dear Mama, Stories From An Extra Lucky Life (available early 2023). This book will be a collection of letters written by Moms from within the Extra Lucky community to moms fresh on their journey of being extra lucky. Our community member and dear friend Lora Jackle's letter pulls at all our heart strings. Lora adopted her eldest daughter Maria out of Foster care. She knew she was meant to be her mother and made it her life's mission to give her love and care despite all the challenges Maria has faced throughout her life. Maria is an incredible kiddo thriving in high school today all thanks to her amazing Mother, Lora and a natural grit and powerful spirit. We can't wait for you to read more about her journey through adoption and hope you enjoy this excerpt!

I thought I was “alone” on this journey…until the first time she got septic and my mom jumped on the first plane to sit with me by her bedside because a foster grandchild is the same thing as a grandchild, and of course “Lovie” had to come to the rescue. I thought I was alone until a three week hospital stay, when I had no paid leave left at work after her many complications, so other moms from work, church, the oncology floor, my local “disability moms support group”, and all other walks of my life came out of the woodwork to take 4 hour shifts to sit with her in the hospital so that I could work.

I thought I was “alone” until I looked around me outside the court room during the termination hearings and there

were 15 friends, family members, and medical professionals that had treated her for years who were present there to support me, to support US. I thought I was alone until I looked around me inside the court room during adoption day and counted 25 people we knew personally who were there just to support us in our transition to being a brand new legal family. I thought I knew love…until the first time she laid her head on my shoulder after a medical procedure, because I was her ultimate comforter now….until the first time her tiny hand slipped into mine of her own volition when it was time to cross the street, because I was her protector. I thought I knew love until the first time I heard her new legal name spoken aloud in the court room, with finality.

written by Lora Jackle

Author and Extra Lucky Mom Lora Jackle

If you are interested in disability adoption, we recommend this post as a starting point. As always, we are here to support you on this journey of extra lucky motherhood, no matter how you become a Mom.


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