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Jess and/or Taryn are available for public speaking or podcast requests, to discuss anything related to disability motherhood and how to support moms on this journey. If you're interested in discussing how this may fit into your conference, wellness fair, podcast, or more, please reach out to discuss scheduling and rates. 

Extra Lucky Moms featured on the Today show!

Extra Lucky Moms featured on the CBS New York!

Extra Lucky Moms featured on Hoboken Girl and Montclair Girl!

Jess and Taryn were featured on the popular blog and editorial site, Hoboken Girl and Montclair Girl. Talking all things "extra lucky" Jess and Taryn open up about their journey to founding Extra Lucky Moms and spreading the joy of disability motherhood!

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Extra Lucky Moms featured on WNEM TV5 news

Jess and Taryn were featured in  WNEM TV5 news story all about Ashley Palenkas and her incredible family.


“It’s something that’s hard to relate to, hard for people to understand. People don’t know what to say,” said Palenkas.

Palenkas says she did find a group of moms just like her who did understand while she was doing all her research to figure out what was ailing Ryland. She stumbled upon a website called “Extra Lucky Moms” that was made up of blogs from moms with special needs children.

“You feel less alone. You see real life experiences of children like yours and you find hope and inspiration,” said Taryn Lagonigro.

Lagonigro co-founded the website with her partner Jess Quarello. Both moms are parents to children with down syndrome. The pair bonded over being parents of children with the condition and realized there had to be so many more moms out there just like them.

“We can go back and forth and ask, does this work for you and share what works for me,” said Quarello.

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Extra Lucky Moms Featured on Table For Five Podcast

Join us as we chat with Taryn and Jess the founders of Extra Lucky Moms for World Down Syndrome Day. World Down Syndrome Day was founded to raise public awareness, promote inclusivity, encourage advocacy, and support those with Down Syndrome.


Taryn and Jess both have daughters with Down Syndrome, they discuss their diagnosis stories, Taryn's daughter's diagnosis early on in pregnancy, and Jess' at birth. How the delivery of the news affected both of them in different and similar ways. How their mission with Extra Lucky Moms is to build a place for the disability community as a whole and help caregivers to find their support system. So many great things going on at Extra Lucky Moms, in-person meet-ups, online meet-ups, giveaways, fundraisers, cute merch, and most of all a community of support.


Learn with us about Down Syndrome from these special moms and hear how our stories have common threads.


This episode is sponsored by The Pampered Parent

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Extra Lucky Moms Featured on Navigating the Spectrum with Michele Portlock 

Taryn and Jess each bring their unique abilities and talents to the table to create a space where parents of special needs children can relate through the sharing of their own personal experiences. Both Taryn and Jess have beautiful baby girls with down syndrome that they brought into this world in 2020. They have come together to create Extra Lucky Moms. They sell apparel as well as work to normalize disabilities through their inclusive online platform. 

These two women are both engaging, intelligent, real and so much fun. Take a listen and enjoy!

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Extra Lucky Moms Featured on Well-Adjusted Mama Podcast 

Jess and Taryn were invited to speak on behalf of Extra Lucky Moms with Dr. Laura Brayton, host of the Well-Adjusted Mama Podcast. Dr. Brayton is a holistic chiropractor who owns her own practice in Hoboken, NJ. Her podcast,  Well-Adjusted Mama, is dedicated to educating and empowering women from preconception, pregnancy, birth and through early motherhood. During this podcast we discuss the "why" behind Extra Lucky Moms and dig deep into self care and putting Mama first once in a while!

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