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Being a disability parent can sometimes mean that YOU are pushed to the bottom of the list. We get it – there’s a thousand things to do and only 24 hours in the day. But self-care comes in many forms…it might be a five minute chat with a girlfriend, doing your makeup one morning or carving out an hour a week for yoga. And sometimes it’s just knowing that you are seen and heard.


We want this space to be a place where you come and get inspired and fulfilled, laugh and learn, and yes, be seen and heard. 

We want you to come here and find real moms talking about real life, interviews with people you need to hear from and ideas and inspiration on how to live your best life so you can give your babies your best. 

We know you feel extra lucky to know your children and we are extra lucky to have you here. 


The Extra Lucky Moms Mission

The journey of a special needs mom can be a lonely one. Our mission is to meet Moms wherever they are along their path. We are here to provide community, support and programs so all Moms can not only SURVIVE but THRIVE.

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