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Happy First Day of Summer!

Hi guys and welcome back to the blog! Did you know that Jess used to be a bartender in NYC? Way before she became a wife and Mom to her girls she was mixing cocktails on a rooftop bar in NYC! That's actually how she met her hubby Matt, but that's a story for another time :).

Here at Extra Lucky Moms, one of our goals is to encourage moms and parents of children with special needs to make time for themselves and have some fun! We can't let the needs of our children define their entire lives, so we shouldn't let it control ours!

One way we can relax, is by enjoying a delicious summer cocktail! Jess is sharing her favorite cocktail, called the Jess-UP! It was one of the signature cocktails at her wedding!

In honor of the first day of summer, we are sharing Jess's recipe and a free image download! Just right click the recipe below to save! Cheers and happy first day of Summer 2021!


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