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📚✉️ Join the Extra Lucky Change Campaign! 📚✉️


We believe in the power of words and the comfort they can bring during unknown times, which is why we wrote Dear Mama: Stories of an Extra Lucky Life. We’re thrilled to announce our newest initiative to provide a lifeline of support to mothers who've just received a disability diagnosis for their child. 


Dear Mama: Stories of an Extra Lucky life is a collection of raw, heartfelt and hopeful letters and stories from families who have embarked on the journey of raising children with disabilities. This book is not just a source of inspiration but a testament to the unwavering strength and love that these families embody.


Our mission was not just a certain volume of sales, it was to distribute these books to hospitals and doctors' offices, creating a support network for mothers when they need it most. When a child is diagnosed with a disability, it can be a moment of uncertainty, fear, and countless questions. These letters will serve as a beacon of hope and reassurance that they are not alone on this path.


How can you support this mission?


1. Sponsor Books! Sponsor one, five, ten or however many books you want at wholesale cost to allow us to print and distribute more copies.

2. Build our database! Do you know of a medical office, university or support organization that should receive copies of "Dear Mama: Stories of an Extra Lucky Life"? Let us know, and we'll ensure they're included.


3. Spread The Word! Share with your friends and family, and help us reach mothers who might benefit from these stories.*


*You can sponsor books of 5 or 10 through our website. If you're interested in just sponsoring one book, that's great too! The best way to do that is to Venmo $14 to @extraluckymoms and put your name and email address in the memo. Single book sponsorships will be shipped out when we reach 5 or 10 books. ANY amount helps us start to make change with this book.


Together, we can give these mamas a warm embrace of words, letting them know that they are not alone, and their journey is filled with hope, resilience, and love. Join us in making a difference one book at a time.  📚✉️ 


This specific listing includes 10 books total. If you want to donate just one book, the best way to do so is to venmo us $14 with the name and address you'd like to ship to.  OR email!


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Full Box: ELM Change Campaign for Dear Mama, Stories of an Extra Lucky Life

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