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We are so excited to share this design with all of you. Jess felt called to get a tattoo representing how she feels about this Extra Lucky life. Take a look at her "why" below:


"I never thought I’d ever get a tattoo. Growing up, none of my family members had tattoos, and it was kind of this taboo thing. I’ve never been someone to wish to brand my body with art, I love to express my art in performance and design.

But when Adeline came into my life, I finally realized why many people want to get a tattoo.

I am Extra Lucky. Not just because I have Adeline and I’m an Extra Lucky Mom, but I look at life from an Extra Lucky point of view. I ask myself what I can learn from hard experiences and see the growth I gain once I’ve overcome them. We are all Extra Lucky to be alive. We are Extra lucky to love and lead with love. We are Extra Lucky to choose joy.

I believe that happiness is a choice. We can either decide to be a victim of our challenging situation or recognize the value of learning from indifference and defeat. The person I am today is not because of all the things I’ve accomplished. I am not this person today because of all the things I have won and acheieved. I am who I am because of the things that I have experienced and overcome. Adeline taught me that. She is the joy in the stigmatized. She is the sun.

We all experience trauma, pain, loss, grief and devastation. But what I feel Extra Lucky for, is that I get the chance to feel it all.

We can only choose joy, when we’ve experienced the lowest of lows. That’s when we recognize what we actually have right in front of us.

There is beauty in the quiet, the mundane and the effortless. Life is beautiful 💜. Thank you Adeline for showing me that.

I am Extra Lucky for this life."

-Jess Quarello

Extra Lucky Tattoo Design

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