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Tiny Tikes: Making Learning Fun & Accessible!

Hey everyone, Bek here from Tiny TikesLearning! I am overjoyed to have been given the opportunity to be featured in the Extra Lucky Mom’s Blog, shoutout to Jess and Taryn for reaching out to me!

I am a mom to a little boy named Mateo and also a bonus mom to 3 awesome kids, Abigail, Alden and Aizen, they're the reason I push this business so hard and am always trying to design new things. Back in the beginning of 2020, just as Covid-19 was changing the world, I decided to start designing my own learning materials for my then 1.5-year-old boy. A friend of mine in the UK was doing it and I had spoken with her regarding the idea, and she told me to 100% go for it. Mateo took to it so well, and he absolutely loved ripping off the velcro pieces and resticking them back on. While working with my son for a couple of months, I sent out a few packages to close friends of mine and emailed asking for a few collaborations with influencers to get my name out there and honestly I am SO glad I took these chances as I haven’t looked back since. Tiny Tikes began with the most basic idea, MAKE LEARNING FUN! I made mats to learn colors, numbers, alphabet etc. and then progressed to weather charts, money and even planets! Our top sellers are our Bundle One and our first released items mentioned above. Also, our ASL Fingerspelling Flashcards, I designed these cards almost one year ago, January 23rd to be exact, and since then they have been flying off the shelves like no one’s business and I couldn’t be happier. Knowing that they do not teach ASL in schools yet is mindblowing, I truly believe that teaching sign language starting from pre-school could be beneficial to both hearing and the hard of hearing students. Making bonds between kids of all ages as well as bringing awareness to the community - inclusivity at its finest!!

Since the start of TTL I have grown so much as a mother and a business owner, and I have gained some AMAZING friendships. Throughout the last year and a half, I have worked side by side with multiple other businesses for giveaways and I have recently been donating bundles to children who are in the NICU, Heart Warrior's or any medically complex kiddos' siblings, all thanks to Courtney Morey and her adorable baby girl Annie. These bundles make really great gifts no matter the season, they are fully customizable with the child's name and you can pick different colors and bindings too. I give every customer the option to choose either to bind their mats together forming a flipbook or leave them separate, this means if you bundle them up they're less likely to go missing and all us mama's know how hard it can be to keep track of every piece! Each order also comes in a poly zipper folder for easy storage and safekeeping.

For a long time I sat and wondered if these learning materials would sell, and sometimes even a year and a half later I still do! Thinking what if I am wasting my time staying up until all hours of the night designing, printing, laminating, corner cutting, velcroing and alllllll the fun things just for someone to not like them and for me to fail, and then I get an order and my soul just knows I am doing the right thing here. I am helping a family who‘s child just got diagnosed with Autism, a child who's not quite hitting those learning milestones but just needs that extra push and those siblings of medically complex babies who need 1:1 time with their parents too.

I want to continue to learn and develop myself and take this business to places I never expected, but until then, I will love the community surrounding us and the support Tiny Tikes Learning receives on the daily. I am inspired by all parents who advocate for their children and their education, even from an early age, and I am so grateful to be where I am today.

"All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them"

You can learn more about Tiny Tikes Learning on Instagram @tinytikeslearning or at their website.


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