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MOMBAUD x Extra Lucky Moms

MOMBAUD is a prenatal/postnatal focused workout that I created after the birth of my first son in 2018. This integrative approach directly considers a mother’s changing body throughout pregnancy, as well as supports any corrective issues that arise during this time. I have curated an effective low-impact workout that honors you and your body! Ranging in levels from beginner to advanced, this integrative approach incorporates the stresses that a mother’s body faces, as well as sculpts long lean lines. Think, targeted exercises and super efficient workout, so you can make the most of your busy day. This approach makes you feel stronger, happier, and leaves you standing up just a bit taller!

I am so happy to partner with Extra Lucky Moms and give away a one year membership to the MOMBAUD virtual library and a 20 minute consultation to discuss any questions you may have. The virtual library has nearly 100 videos, all ranging in length, difficulty level, and body part, so you can pick the perfect workout for you and your day!


For ten years, I was a professional ballet dancer, performing all over the world with top ballet companies. However, when my mind and body suddenly began to deteriorate, my world came crashing down. Over a 2.5 year period, I was reduced to a fraction of the person I once was (and had been) my entire life. I experienced an unknown 20-pound-plus weight loss, endless hunger, infection, increased urination, confusion, and mind-numbing exhaustion. Although I visited endless doctors, no one could give me a diagnosis, and I would fall asleep each night terrified I might not wake up the next morning. Even though I knew something was wrong, if a doctor couldn’t figure it out, I told myself I must be ok.

However, I wasn’t. Dancing became increasingly painful and difficult. It had become impossible to execute the steps and with each passing day, I felt closer to death. I no longer had the energy to perform, or even make it through a day of rehearsal. I had a horrible staph-infected bone spur in my foot that required surgery and a labral tear in my hip that caused me a lot of pain and discomfort. My love of dance was gone and I was forced to prematurely retire in May 2011.

When I stopped dancing, my ailments worsened. I had full blown brain fog, and I struggled in conversations because I could never find the right words. I was exhausted, even more starving, and my infections were uncontrollable. None of it made sense, and after confiding in my best friend, I forced a doctor to give me a full blood panel of tests. In January 2012, I finally received a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.

It took 5 months, and a daily insulin regimen, for my body to start regulating itself again. Slowly, my infections and injuries began to heal, and I started to regain my long lost self. It’s cheesy to say, but I had no idea how bad I actually felt until I started feeling better again. With that, I realized I wasn’t finished performing and my love for dancing returned. Instead of continuing on with traditional ballet, I decided to switch gears. With my health and passion renewed, I moved to NYC, started vocal lessons, and was determined to make my comeback in a musical, which I did, just one year later.

When I moved to New York, I was also introduced to the wonderful world of fitness. In between shows, I taught at a boutique fitness studio and loved every minute. It’s a great side job for a performer because you stay in shape and teaching a class is similar to being onstage. This led to my great interest in the importance of maintaining strength and injury prevention and it set the beginning stages for MOMBAUD to develop.

Looking back, I can’t believe how long I spent feeling sick, not listening to my intuition, and ignoring all of the warning signs. I recall the exact moment my symptoms began to appear and I chose to press on with my life, not slowing down until I was forced. All of these clues went unnoticed and I am confident dancing and my strong work ethic is what actually kept me from slipping into a diabetic coma. Discovering I had diabetes, and learning more about it, I was able to regain control of my life. I chose to own my disease and not let it own me. And thanks to insulin, I was able to return to the stage and to the world I loved and had missed out on for 2.5 years.


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