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July is Disability Pride Month!

It's Disability Pride Month! Here at ELM, disability pride is really every day. Here are some ways you can celebrate with us this month:

💜 Listen to what disability advocates are saying this month. What needs to change? What are the day to day issues facing someone with a disability? Take time to elevate these voices by sharing their posts and following their call to actions.

💜 Ask for change! Is there a pending bill in your state that would help those with a disability? Should your company add more disability programs to their DE&I initiatives? Does your school district need to make improvements in special education? Be an ally and speak up for these changes through phone calls or emails to decision makers. Not sure where to start? Reach out to us!

💜 Consider ongoing support to a disability charity. A recurring donation means so much to a non-profit, even if its just $10 a month. Recurring donations help these organizations better plan their funds throughout the year. If you're unsure where to give, we can make some suggestions on some of our favorites!

Who are you Extra Lucky to be celebrating Disability Pride Month for? Shout them out in the comments!


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