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Jess + Adeline: Latest Sleep Study

Written by Jess Quarello

Adeline had her second sleep study this past week at the Barnabas Medical Center sleep lab in NJ. Although I had been through a sleep study with Adeline when she was only 1 years old, I was extremely nervous for this one. Adeline is an extremely wiggly toddler and the idea that she’d have to sit still and have wires taped all over her face, head and body gave me nausea! To be fair, our first sleep study wasn’t necessarily a blast, but Adeline was extremely easy-going and not walking at that time.

Fast forward to last week. Luckily, I had our amazing Director of Communications, Sarah Raphael’s, brilliant sleep study guide to reference. Her guide made it so easy for me to pack everything I needed as well as review what to expect. I didn’t even have to think becasue Sarah did it all for me!  I just printed the guide and packed what was on that list. Addie’s sleep study went really well and because of all of this guide that Sarah put together, plus the amazing staff at Barnabas, Addie got a full night’s sleep.

That said, I didn’t sleep so great but who cares about me! Adeline was my concern and I had organized support so we could nap the next morning (another tip from the guide!)

We just received her results and unfortunately, Adeline still has obstructive sleep apnea as compared to her first sleep study when she was first diagnosed. Unfortunately still, her AHI index is higher. This was not the news I wanted to hear of course and I am bummed. However, I know that with my amazing team of doctors in place as well as the support from my friend Sarah, and all of those that are experts in sleep studies and apnea from our amazing ELM community, we will figure this out. The next step is to head back to ENT and I will keep you all posted on her progress and plan for her care.

A goal of ours here at ELM is to provide monthly free resources that impact our community in an impactful way that relieves stress and provides education. Thank you Sarah for your hard work on this incredible resource, you literally saved me!


To download a copy of the FREE Sleep Study Guide, please click here!

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Megan Knipe
Megan Knipe
Dec 21, 2023

Aww man, I’m sorry to hear this! She’s a trooper and so are you!

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