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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Hello fellow Extra Lucky families and advocates!

We are excited to share the launch of a new care management tool for families and individuals with special health needs!

For many of us, our care teams are robust making keeping things organized difficult. The Innerhive app was designed to change all that!

  • Innerhive is a dynamic app designed to simplify the complex tasks of care coordination with personalized care maps; visual diagrams of all the people and places involved in loved ones’ care

  • Innerhive helps keep families and care teams organized and on the same page, ensuring families are informed and receive the most well-rounded care possible

  • Families are in control with easy access, seamless updating, and secure storage

  • From medical complexity and adult transitions to elder and foster care, Innerhive can help in lots of different realms and circumstances

  • This innovative app can help improve health outcomes and gives families quality time and energy back to spend with those they love!

Innerhive has just launched and wants to hear from you! They want to learn what you love, like, and don’t like about the app so that they can make it even better. Their goal is to be responsive to the needs and wants of families, as they are in an exciting stage where they can make changes and fine-tune Innerhive into as versatile a tool as possible! With your feedback, they can transform care management together.

Start using Innerhive FOR FREE at today, and be sure to share with anyone that comes to mind who could use a coordination tool like this!

*Update! Innerhive is now available to download in the iOS App Store!


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