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Happy Father's Day from David & Dash

Dash at Prom with his beautiful date Rebecca

A few days ago Dash went to his prom.

It’s a milestone that when Dash was first born I thought he would never experience.

The truth is - I was feeling sorry for myself because Dash was born with Down Syndrome.

Dash is an incredible young man. He’s the best of all of us! He’s the best we all could be!

If you ever have the chance to meet him, you will be moved by that thing that makes him…him. I can’t define it. I can’t explain it. It just is! He’s completely remarkable.

Dash with his Mother Naomi

As lucky as we are to have Dash, he is also lucky to have an incredibly intelligent and loving mom, Naomi, who has educated herself and implemented nutritional steps that have helped him enormously.

Dash with his Nana

He has a Nana that will do anything for him and his older brother, Alexander, makes him the luckiest of all.

Dash and his big brother Alexander

Alexander is an outstanding big brother and has become someone that I want to be when I grow up!He also has lots of aunts and uncles and cousins and a grandma and grandpa who all love him.

As for me, I’m still trying to figure so many things out, but Dash has a way of helping me on my journey.

He makes my good days better and my tough days seem unimportant. He’s just Dash!!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all you extra special dad’s and to you all you extra special father figures as well.


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