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Extra Lucky Updates

Written by: Taryn and Jess

When we started Extra Lucky Moms, it was to create a community of people where everyone was welcome. We wanted to talk more about what we all shared rather than separate us by our disabilities. We have loved celebrating what DOES make us different and learning so much about everyone in the disability community.

Through that time, we’ve been listening. We’ve noticed some common themes of some of the things that need changing, and because of that, we’re slightly shifting our focus to put our energy towards changing some of those things!

We’re excited to launch a few initiatives to spark conversation and work toward change in the disability community, especially from the parent/caregiver perspective.

The Workplace – we’ve seen time after time the struggle parents have to maintain a career while raising a child with a disability. We’ve seen companies that are doing it right, and ones that need to change. We’ve had the opportunity to speak to some of them, and have taken time to develop a corporate education program. Our mission is to speak to employees and employers on ways that support can be created for parents with disabilities, including how to support a parent when they first get that life-changing diagnosis. We’ll be doing that through corporate programs, lunch and learns, focus groups and think tanks. If you think we should reach out to your company, let us know!

The Diagnosis – it’s no secret that many of our children’s diagnoses were delivered in a way that can be improved. We’re working on a few initiatives – one we will be sharing soon that can involve many of you! – to continue to spark conversation that shifts that narrative. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but we’re committed to being part of the change.

Our Revamped Blog – we still want to share and read your stories! We’ve taken some time away from the blog as we work on these things behind the scenes, but we are looking to start sharing 2-4 stories a month as we move forward. Please reach out, or tell us who we should reach out to! If you want to write a piece about your perspective on the topics above, we’d love that too!

This community is something we are both so proud of. You all make us EXTRA LUCKY!


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