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Extra Lucky Hospital Stay Must-have Checklist

We have all been there...the hospital with our extra lucky kiddos. Sometimes these hospital visits are planned in advance and scheduled and then sometimes emergency situations can occur. Just between Taryn and Jess's girls, the hospital stays tally over 15, which for some caregivers is considered a low number!

Our dear friend and Extra Lucky Mama to her son Porter, Lacey Armentor, took the time to put together a robust hospital packing list for anyone who has a pending hospital stay. She originally shared this with a group of mothers whose children require open heart surgery. This is a wonderful resource to have on file just in case, OR to send to someone who can fill a bag with all these items during your child's time of need. We hope you find this helpful and if there is something missing, mention it in the comments!

We hope you find this helpful! PS: How cute is Lacey's little guy Porter?! xoxo!

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