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Extra Lucky Christina: Part 1

My name is Christina, wife to Michael and Mama to three amazing kiddos! Nicholas is 22, Ryan is 18 and Ashley is 14. Our story is long and hard but also beautiful. I will be sharing in 3 parts. Here is our story with our son, Ryan.

Ryan was diagnosed with high functioning Autism and ADHD at the age of 6 years old. I remember fighting so incredibly hard to get him diagnosed and the services he deserves. It was a long and hard process but I did not stop. I did not give in.

For the most part, as a baby he hit most of his milestones but not all of them. My Mom gut was just telling me Autism. The hypotonia, the stimming, sensitivity to noise and textures, facial expressions, the obsessive interests and need for patterns and so much more.

Ryan was bullied so badly as a little boy. He has been tripped, punched, hand sanitizer rubbed in his eyes and more. My sweet boy was left out, treated unfairly and this Mama Bear did NOT let it go. I was at his school every day, missed work, meeting after meeting, school board meetings, and went to our local newspaper and authorities.

The very next year I changed school districts and my boy thrived. The teachers, counselors, OT, PT, speech and his IEP made a HUGE difference. My son has what he DESERVES. He has amazing friends who love him for him. He is so smart and was chosen to be in the National Honor Society! He also has an amazing talent for Art. He has been drawing since he was 4 years old and his dream is to have his work on display in a museum or his own gallery. See below for some of his beautiful works!

My handsome boy graduates high school this year and I am beyond proud of him. He has come so far and he proves to the world each day that different is beautiful. He is able, capable, worthy and loved. I will shout his worth all the days of my life and I won't stop until our world is more inclusive, more kind and more accepting of ALL differences and abilities.


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