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Balance & Abundance with Aubrey Turner

Me time. Quiet time. Rest time. Resting. Deep, soothing rest.

It’s the first to go when life gets crazy. When people need you. When kids need you. When there’s a to-do list of laundry, washing, cleaning, cooking, planning, and folding to do.

But what if I told you… you could handle the craze, the laundry list, the being needed with more patience, peace, and kindness by making 5, 10, 15 minutes of rest a daily habit?

What if I said carving out time, finding time, making time, creating time for you, for quiet, for rest would help you restore, rebalance, and recover from the craze?

As a certified functional nutritionist, who believes lifestyle is just as important as diet, and that life should be lived in and with balance and abundance, I believe rest is an act of pure self-love that impacts and improves our entire being, inside out

It can be easy to look at rest as selfish, taking time to rest in the middle of the day? Taking time to rest with a to do list? Taking time to rest when you could be doing a-literal-hundred other things?

But this is exactly what I mean. Resting during the crazy…resting when you’re able to move…resting in the middle of your to-do list… in fact, adding rest TO your to-do list.

You see, deep meaningful rest is the gift that keeps giving, to our physical health- digestion & immunity, our emotions- hormone regulation & balance, and our mind- recovery & restoration.

To state it simply, our nervous system is the control center for our body and all of our bodily functions- from blinking our eyes, to our heart beating, to digestion, bladder control, hormone levels, and everything in between. In addition, the nervous system is responsible for the delicate balance of our fight-or-flight and rest-and-digest responses, which means how our body copes with AND comes out of stress.