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Show your pride for Down syndrome awareness with our Extra Lucky Moms x Down Syndrome Boutique unisex bracelet!


Hematite is a powerful crystal for all things grounding and protective. It is thought to improve circulation, reduce high blood pressure, and improves one's ability to stand firm, giving you more courage and willpower. That's why we decided it would make the perfect bead for our first unisex bracelet collaboration with the Down Syndrome Boutique


Raising children takes a lot of strength, energy, and patience. And those born with an extra chromosome can have extra medical conditions and extra learning challenges, and some other extras,  that require an extra dose of all those things. This bracelet will remind you that you are not alone. You have family, friends, and a beautiful, supportive community right behind you every step of the way!


This bracelet is made from a combination of Size #2 shiny dark grey/blue Hematite rocaille-shaped beads and tiny Hematite seed beads that provide an interesting texture pattern. They are then highlighted by the Lucky Three chevrons, also made of Hematite. This is a unisex bracelet that is made on strong stretch cording, that with proper care, should last for years to come. 10% of every sale will be donated to the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network!


Available in sizes 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 and 9 (average anklet size).

ELM x Down syndrome Boutique Unisex Bracelet

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