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Elizabeth "Lizzy" Brown was more than a friend, she was a force. She loved fun, but she wanted YOU to have fun. She was the most incredible FUN enabler.  Her spirit was bright and bold and beautiful. Lizzy was diagnosed with cancer around the same time that Jess's daughter Adeline was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome and they trauma bonded over these unexpected life changes.


Lizzy passed away on August 11th, 2023 after a courageous battle with cancer. A few months later, Jess reached out to a medium, Maureen Hancock. Maureen was able to connect with Lizzy and the experience was incredible for Jess. Maureen shared so much about Lizzy that only Jess would know. Towards the end of their session, Lizzy gave Jess specific instructions: She wanted Jess to make bracelets; Bracelets that said "WWLD" which stood for "What Would Lizzy Do." The bracelets represent all that Lizzy DID, and how she was always up for anything. She was so inspiring to everyone around her because everything she touched turned to greatness. Her passion knew no bounds, and neither did the love in her heart for her family and friends and those less fortunate. In her honor, we are launching the WWLD bracelet. When you wear it, we want you to remember when you're feeling down, that Lizzy did hard things and so can YOU!


Profits from the sale of each bracelet will be donated to the two charities that were near and dear to Lizzy and her family: The Northwell Health Hospice Care Network for Children and Family Bereavement and the Sound of Silence Postpartum Center of New York.


To read more about Lizzy and her beautiful life, please click below. We love you Lizzy!*


*These bracelets are handmade by Allyson, who is an Extra Lucky mama, so production time will vary as all are made to order.

Extra Lucky WWLD Bracelet

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