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Swift Health Concierge Service

Here at Extra Lucky Moms we are always trying to encourage self-care. We can't be our best selves for our kids if we don't honor our needs first.

Last week was NUTS for Jess and Taryn, especially World Down syndrome day. The day started with a 4:30 AM wake-up for the Today show and ended around 10 PM at a party with Rock the 21. Jess knew she needed a reset so she set up an appointment with Aliza over at Swift Health.

Swifthealth was created to fill the gaps in the health system specifically for young families as it is hard to get out and go to the doctor with little kids. They do home concierge individualized medicine and house calls for sick visits or well visits for children and adults. They also do telehealth if the condition can be treated over video and also customized iv vitamin infusions and vitamin boosters. Finally, they do full blood work panels to work up before your visit if needed. They cater to each individualized need and customize care.

Jess did a telehealth consultation prior to the visit for medical clearance and to review her health. They decided on a customized treatment and reviewed her previous blood work and current symptoms: EXHAUSTION! Her treatment was an immunity energy boost which she desperately needed!

Growing up, Aliza's mother was a speech therapist for children with disabilities. She was lucky enough to be able to join her at work and it quickly became a passion. Watching her mother help these children communicate and interact with the world around them was truly inspiring.

As she got older, her love for helping others in this way led Aliza to work as a counselor at summer camps specifically designed for children with disabilities while in high school and college. She has always loved helping people which lead her to the medical field.

Head to to book your treatment, or DM them on Instagram @swifthealthiv

Make sure to use code extralucky10 for a 10% discount off all services!


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