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A RAD time for everyone!

By Team RAD

HI everyone!! Meghan Clem and Katie Webb Brundige here! 👋 We are SO excited to have this opportunity to be featured in the Extra Lucky Mom’s Blog! RAD Camp has such a special place in our hearts and we cannot wait to share more about it with the RADdest moms around!

In high school, I met Katie, my now business partner and Co-Founder of RAD Camp, when volunteering for a local organization serving those with special needs. We kept in touch throughout college, became best friends (and business partners) and opened Intertwined, an Event Planning and Social Media Consulting firm, with the intention of giving back. In 2014, we founded RAD Camp, a nonprofit organization serving children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Our mission is RAD – Rising Above Disabilities! We offer awesome programs and camps for adults and children with developmental disabilities, much-deserved respite for their caregivers, and a life-changing volunteer experience for the local community. The vision was to create a place where people with disabilities could feel like absolute rock stars while trying new things, connecting and making friends, and expressing themselves while also feeling included and celebrated. Katie and I also wanted their extraordinary caregivers to receive a break while simultaneously providing local youth a new perspective on people and serving others.

In fact, Katie met her husband while volunteering at Camp! They fell in love and got married! Both Katie and her husband always knew they wanted to adopt a child with special needs. Just about one year (almost to date) after their wedding, they were contacted by a couple who had just had a child born with PWS (Prader-Willi Syndrome) and they were desperate to find their way. What started off as a coffee date to talk about RAD and other services, ended up in Katie and Tim being this precious little boy’s forever home.

RAD is our (and so many others) happy place! We believe that is why it has continued to grow and become such a successful organization for kids and adults with developmental disabilities. Our community gives and receives so much genuine happiness through their time together at RAD! RAD isn’t just a place or a program, it’s a mindset that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Everyone who is a part of RAD knows how much joy and happiness our campers bring to us all and our goal is to take that happiness out into the world.

We LOVE the pure joy that exudes from all of our incredible campers and volunteers! Camp would not be what it is today without our passionate, dedicated Camp family. RAD truly centers us and keeps us grounded throughout the year. Pull up one of our videos on Vimeo and you’ll see why (! Camp is heaven on earth.

We would love to welcome you to the RAD Family, too! Want to enjoy RAD right now!? You can watch engaging videos and download adapted activities from our RAD Club! Do you have a loved one with a disability? We welcome you to sign up to join our monthly caregiver community zooms for community, connection and awesome shared resources!

If you would like to become a part of the RAD Community and stay up to date with all the latest events and updates, you can sign up for our monthly newsletters by subscribing at We cannot wait to welcome you into our community!!!

Stay RAD, Megz + Katie

Directors of Awesome, RAD Camp


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