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Join us on The Today Show!

Extra Lucky Moms on the Plaza!
We are so excited that our friends at The Today Show are working with us to fill the plaza with families in the Down syndrome community on World Down Syndrome Day, March 21st!! This is an incredible thing for our community and we hope many of you can join us. 
This is the ONLY place to register for VIP access to the plaza that day. Please
read all information carefully and do not sign up if you cannot accommodate all details below.:
  • You must be able to arrive by 6:00am to 35 West 48th Street New York, NY on March 21st. Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed access to the plaza. Everyone will need to go through a security checkpoint. 

  • The plaza is standing room only and you will be there from approximately 6am to 9am; there will be opportunity to use the restroom, etc but for the most part you will be standing. 

  • Keep in mind March weather is unpredictable, and be prepared for cold and/or rainy conditions. 

  • There is no guarantee of where you will be standing and the possibility of being on TV that day. Our group will be prioritized, but not everyone will have access to the front row. We ask that you are respectful of the other families who are there. 

  • Should there be a major breaking news story, this event would be cancelled or postponed. Please be mindful if you are making travel plans to be there. 

  • We encourage you to wear blue and/or yellow and make a fun, eye catching sign. 

  • Due to space restrictions, we are requesting that only the immediate family of the individual with Down syndrome attend. We want to make sure as many families as possible are able to join us!

  • We may have to limit signups and create a waitlist if the response is overwhelming. We will be in touch to let you know the status of your submission by 3/1.

  • After you submit, please email with a family photo that can be used in the event the Today show needs b-roll. Use subject line "Today show photo" and please provide permission for this photo to be used by both Extra Lucky Moms and the Today Show. There is no guarantee of the photo being used on air.

Thanks for submitting!

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